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In 1989, Dharma Capital ventures into commercialization of products for cattle feed by using waste from poultry farms, along with the Campo Norte Company. Later, through connections established with those same poultry farmers and their supply chains, operations with grain marketers begin as well as several other services, such as stockpiling, buying and selling grains, providing credit, and more through companies such as Grain Continental y Grains & Ancillary.


Seeking to generate value through plant based products, the group starts investing in food ingredient production technology through companies such as el Centli, Indumex, Nutrigrains and Albio.


In 2013, the Center for Protein Research and Development (CIDPRO) is jointly opened with the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. In 2012, commercialization of food ingredients begins in the United States.


Dharma Capital continues to bet strongly on innovation in order to offer a portfolio of superior quality plant based food products.