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Dharma Capital

Operations start in 1989 with the sale of cattle feed, but focus is quickly shifted having noticed other opportunities in the value chain, thus gaining a foothold in the storage and marketing of staple crops (sorghum, corn, alfalfa and beans,) as well as other supplies by offering products and services related to stockpiling, storage and transportation of harvests.


Seeking to provide a better service, operations start in the financial sector to provide credit solutions to farmers and poultry producers


In 1992 the company gains a foothold in the public and private transportation sector, becoming a major player in northern Mexico in just a few years.


In 1996 Dharma Capital is established as a consortium of companies to consolidate operations, and shortly thereafter gains a foothold in the real estate industry.


As of 2005, seeking to add value to the commercialization of grains, the company bets on innovative technology for the food sector. Dharma Capital ventures into the production of food ingredients and forges important alliances with corporations and institutions such as FEMSA, Heineken, and Monterrey Institute of Technology.


Operations involving real estate projects start in the United States and Canada in 2012.


In 2017, as part of the search for alternative energy sources for transportation, investments are made regarding the use of natural gas for vehicles.


In 2018, the group establishes Dharma GN, S.A. de C.V., a company devoted to the marketing of natural gas systems for vehicles.

Our commitment

Dharma Capital’s distinguishing mark is its philosophy of innovation and entrepreneurship. We seek to always be transparent, coherent and excellent in our dealings with our clients, associates and partners wherever we do business. Throughout our years as a corporate group, we have come to understand the importance of extending this commitment to all areas, permanently striving to generate value in each of our companies through a cycle of constant improvement.


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Our values

Dharma Capital generates value to its portfolio by constantly searching for innovative solutions and opportunities, thus maintaining its domestic and international presence and leadership.


Initiative and commitment are our distinguishing mark


Congruency lies at the core of every one of our business deals


Each and every action is carried out in the best possible way


Facing challenges enthusiastically


Always looking to iterate and improve.